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POSTED: Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 12:25 PM

Historically, we've felt underappreciated as a city for a number of reasons. But today, we can rest assured that there is one group out there that totally gets Philadelphia's greatness: Vampires. 

Real estate broker blog Redfin recently put together a list of the "10 best US cities to be a vampire," including cities like Seattle, Atlanta, and Baltimore. Philly, however, came out on top, and here's why: 

  • Cloudy days: 160
  • Bar Hours: 7 a.m. – 3 a.m.
  • # of Blood Banks and Drives: 548
  • Homes for Sale Near Cemeteries Ranking: 2 

OK, so the bar hours are wrong, but you see what they're going for: Lots of cloudy days to keep that whole "explode into flames in the presence of the sun's rays" thing to a minimum, tons of blood drive feast potential, and plenty of homes for sale near cemeteries. We are, in effect, a vampire's real estate dream. You know, if vampires can dream.

POSTED: Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 11:38 AM
In the condensed, two-minute public service announcement, Shoshana B. Robert is harassed over 100 times walking through Manhattan wearing a nondescript black t-shirt and dark pants. (via YouTube)

Hollaback, an organization dedicated to combating street harassment, followed and videotaped Shoshana B. Roberts for 10 hours as she walked through the streets of New York City. What the video reveals is unsurprising—Roberts was addressed more than 100 times by random men in what she categorizes as street harassment.

In the condensed, two-minute public service announcement, Robert’s wears a nondescript black t-shirt and dark pants. Her plain appearance, though, doesn’t quell the hollers.

From “Have a nice evening,” to “God bless you Mami,” to my personal favorite, “Hey, look it there! I just found a thousand dollars,” Roberts remains stoic and silent in the face of comments directed toward her, which obviously frustrated some of her harassers. One man told her to smile and when she didn’t, he yelled it louder. Another man told Roberts she should say ‘thank you’ because a stranger was positively acknowledging her appearance.

POSTED: Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 10:09 AM

This morning's viral content from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon features Harry Potter thespian Daniel Radcliffe. He was  was on the show promoting his new movie Horns,  showing off his high speed rapping (and lyric memorizing skills) on a rapid fire rendition of Blackalicious' tongue twisting "Alphabet Aerobics." The Roots back him up, and Fallon handles Bob Dylan "Subterranean Homesick Blues" cue card tossing duties.

Check it out below, and find the original by the Northern California rap crew here.

POSTED: Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 12:35 PM
Jenna Bush Hager and Natalie Morales check out the sights at Eastern State.

The Today show featured Eastern State Penitentiary's "Terror Behind the Walls" this morning, courtesy of Natalie Morales and Jenna Bush Hager. Perhaps not surprisingly, they were very scared.

The segment begins with a brief history of Eastern State Penitentiary, going through everything from the concept behind the penitentiary to its most famous inmates. Around the 3-minute point, things really begin to get scary, thanks to Eastern State's extensive cast of ghouls. 

"The haunted house is fun, but I don't know that I'll ever do a haunted house again," Bush Hager said.


POSTED: Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 12:07 PM

It’s a good thing that Charles Barkley went pro as a basketball player rather than as a charades competitor. Because he proved last night on The Tonight Show, that he’s turrible at the guessing game. Teamed with Jimmy Fallon, Charles came up with Karate Kid as an answer for a four-word movie.

But we were more interested in his time on the couch when he talked about the mammoth eating binge he went on to keep the 76ers from drafting him. According to Barkley, he gained 32 pounds in 48 hours. How do you accomplish that? Watch and learn, grasshopper.

If they ever have a show, The Biggest Gainer, my money’s on Charles.

POSTED: Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 10:51 AM
Stewart’s entire segment criticized the much talked about media panic surrounding Ebola in the U.S., but Christie’s nonchalant response to the quarantine policy’s overzealousness put Stewart over the edge. (Comedy Central screenshot)

“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart was raised in New Jersey, which might be the reason he consistently rips Gov. Chris Christie to shreds. This time, Stewart targeted Christie for his recent response to everybody’s favorite hysteria-inducing virus: Ebola.

Maine nurse Kaci Hickox was quarantined in New Jersey based on a policy put in place by Christie and New York’s Gov. Cuomo. Her living arrangements, Stewart showed during his segment, were less than ideal with no heat, no shower and a makeshift toilet. She stayed there for three days but not without daily protest about her "inhumane" temporary living situation.

Christie’s response? “I think when she has time for reflection she’ll understand… .”

POSTED: Monday, October 27, 2014, 2:25 PM

John Oliver injected some truth into this year's trick or treating on last night's Last Week Tonight, going after the sugar industry and our collective addiction to their output. And just in time for Halloween, too. 

As it turns out, Americans eat up to 75 pounds of sugar per year on average, which Oliver equates to "eating Michael Cera's weight in sugar every single year." As it also turns out, we are essentially programmed to enjoy sugar, given that it activates our brains similarly to cocaine, according to research presented in the Oliver clip. 

"Scarface would have been a very different movie," Oliver said, "if it had ended with Al Pacino sitting in a chair sugared out of his mind on baked goods saying 'Say hello to my Little Debbie!'"

POSTED: Monday, October 27, 2014, 12:11 PM

Perhaps they first saw each other across a table of used board games and VHS tapes, sensing one another's energy through the crowded church parking lot.Then again, maybe it was the eight-high stack old children's car seats. Either way, Jon and Kate Gosselin met again this weekend, and, like the very first time that happened, no good came from it. 

Jon Gosselin reportedly showed up to Kate's recently touted yard sale over the weekend at St. John's United Church of Christ in Wernersville, and mama Gosselin was none too happy for the visit. And, what's more, reports indicate that TLC's Kate Plus 8 crew was there to capture the whole thing. Don't get your hopes up for more Jon, though. Via E!

A source tells E! News that the yard sale will be featured in an upcoming Kate Plus 8 special, airing in December, but there are no plans to have the recently evicted father of eight, 37, appear in the episode. 

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