In Spokane, the government will call your exes to tell them about your gonorrhea


I think we can all agree that any day you have to call up your exes to let 'em know that you may have exposed them to gonorrhea is a day that can probably be chalked up in the loss column.

The folks at the Spokane Regional Health District are well aware of this and, in an effort to ensure that everyone's exes are actually finding out that they may have been exposed, are offering to make that horrible phone call for people who have been diagnosed.

Anna Halloran, who works for Spokane Regional Health District in eastern Washington, is kind of like a private investigator. She tries to find people who don't know they might have a sexually transmitted disease, and get them treatment before they spread the infection.

"I feel a big sense of accomplishment when I've found somebody after I've been looking for them for weeks," she says. And it's not always easy.

"I try phone, I try the mail," Halloran says. She'll try texting, Facebook, even tracking people down in person. "You know, it's a really sensitive subject. And it's really hard news for people to get."

Oof. That does not sound like it'd be a very fun gig. [NPR]