Your resumé sucks because it's not an product page


Your resumé is probably a boring Word doc. Phillipe Dubost's is not. In addition to having an awesome nickname (phildub), Dubost has a baller resumé that looks just like an product page. It comes complete with reviews, product description, items bought together.

Dubost, a web product manager currently based in Paris, is looking to travel for his next position. So he decided to make his CV stand out anywhere in the world — by mimicking an Amazon product page.

The result, "Philippe's Amaz'ing Resume," is a pitch-perfect pastiche. Suggesting that you add the applicant to your shopping cart to see his price is such a clever way of asking to be hired, we're amazed no one thought of it before. Especially when followed by the urgent reminder: "only 1 left in stock. Order soon!"

His resumé has gotten so much traffic that he had to switch web hosting services. You can check the whole thing out here. [h/t Mashable]