You can see 'Man of Steel' early if you shop at Walmart

The trailer for the upcoming Man of Steel was posted on the Internet Tuesday. Screenshot via Warner Bros on YouTube.

Warner Bros. is looking to reach out to American consumers ahead of the forthcoming Superman film, Man of Steel, so the studio has teamed up with Walmart in an effort to get folks to buy opening weekend tickets for the movie's June release.

Starting May 18th, the promotion enables folks to buy tickets (at Walmart) for a June 13th Man of Steel screening, even though the movie doesn't actually come out until June 14th. The New York Times' Brooks Barnes has more on the promotion.

The promotion is designed to fill seats on opening weekend; Warner is counting on extensive in-store advertising and a burst of chatter on social media. Simultaneously, the goal is to send shoppers cascading into the arms of the world’s largest retailer. Warner and Walmart billed the partnership as a Hollywood first.

The Times goes on to note that major studios are looking to stay in Walmart's good graces because, apparently, the company is one of the last remaining "volume sellers" of DVDs. There's a Blockbuster joke in there somewhere. Barnes also speculates that Man of Steel is, "perhaps the most anticipated movie of summer," which it most certainly is not because: