Rapping ASL interpreters are the best thing to happen to Bonnaroo

Folks who make the annual pilgrimage to rural Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Music Festival are treated to a bevy of wonderful things. Sunburn. Outdoor DJ sets. Lines for the bathroom. Glow sticks. Drugs, probably. Awesome collaborations. Cover songs. More drugs, probably.

But, this year, the best thing to come out of the Manchester, Tennessee festival were the ASL interpreters assigned to sign performances for some of the more, ahem, vulgar acts. Thanks, in part, to a piece on Stereogum, the Internet is clammoring about Holly, who "put some back into it" as she signed for Wu-Tang. [h/t Stereogum]

But, Holly wasn't alone. Check out Amy signing for R. Kelly. Homegirl straight kills it.