Writer got trapped at one-night stand during Boston lockdown

Couple sitting apart on bed, night

Among all of the turmoil that was the Boston Marathon bombing, the deadly late-night car chase, and the subsequent manhunt for alleged bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev, comes this personal account of the Friday lockdown. Dan McCarthy was watching the chase unfold at a bar when he received a text message (FROM A WOMAN). He decided to go over to her apartment, but ended up getting trapped there when the city of Boston was shut down as the FBI hunted Tsarnaev.

With a deadline to hit and a cell phone running on 8% battery, it quickly became clear that my plan to quietly slip out and return home to fulfill my work obligations would be a near impossible feat. I was trapped. And what was meant to be a discreet exit was now an agonizingly gratuitous small-scale walk of shame across the apartment from the bedroom to the bathroom. I paused in the living room to offer up an uncomfortable morning salutation to the roommate, who sat on the couch wearing a robe and a distinct “who the hell is this guy?” look on her face. Yup.

Esquire published the essay after the end of business on Friday, while the FBI and Boston Police were still in the process of apprehending Tsarnaev. The whole piece offers a wonderful glimpse at how the events of last week caused a ripple effect, touching the lives of everyone in Boston in some way, shape or form. It's poignant, poetic, personal, and definitely worth a few minutes of your time. [Esquire]