VIDEO: Wonder Woman beating up Nazis? Wonder Woman beating up Nazis.


The best 13 minutes you'll have today are during the six times you're going to watch this self-financed trailer for a Wonder Woman movie from stuntman-turned-director Jesse V. Johnson. Johnson cast Danish singer Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman and had her annihilate some Nazi scum in an attempt to show off his directing skills.

This kind of stunt worked for the guys that ended up helming Mortal Kombat and Y The Last Man. Johnson is set to direct two upcoming action masterpieces starring Stone Cold Steve Austin. Can you gimme a, "HELL YEAH!"?

The resulting video, produced by Hugh Daly and Faz Brahimi and aided by Johnson’s Station 3 manager and producing partner Kailey Marsh, made its way through the fanboy set after debuting today. That audience has been clamoring for Hollywood to figure out how to bring the DC heroine to life in the two years since NBC pulled the plug on David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman series. [Deadline]