Women are too smart to find decent dates in Philly

Women are too smart to find decent dates in Philadelphia. (iStockphoto)

Dear The Ladies,

Hey. How's it going? Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day. Speaking of disappointment, how're the fellas treatin' ya? Eh, sorry to bring it up. At least you can take solace in the fact that you're not imagining things. It really is that difficult to find a guy in Philly. The Atlantic has published a new piece analyzing Census data that indicates that there's a big education gap between the genders. They even organized the proof into a fancy graph.

Which brings us to today's relatively thin pool of college-educated men. The next chart shows the percent by which college-educated women outnumber men in the 15 largest American metro areas. Even in and around Seattle, the most balanced city, there are more than eight graduated women for every seven graduated men.

See? Science.

We're sorry you couldn't find a hot date to feed you chocolate-covered strawberries and participate in an enlightening discussion of bipartisan politics and the societal allegory that makes The Hunger Games more than just summer blockbuster about teen love and glorified violence.

Just know that no matter how many Valentine's Days you spend searching for Mr. Right, Your LL Bean Boyfriend lives on the Internet, so he can always be Mr. Right Now.

All Our Love,