Woman ticketed for driving while wearing Google Glass

FILE - In this Wednesday, May 29, 2013 file photo, Sarah Hill, a Google Glass contest winner, of Columbia, Mo., tries out the device, in New York. “This is like having the Internet in your eye socket,� Hill said. “But it’s less intrusive than I thought it would be. I can totally see how this would still let you still be in the moment with the people around you.� (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, File)

Add "wear Google Glass" to the list of stupid crap people do while driving because a woman in (SURPRISE!) California was issued a ticket for having a computer on her face while operating a vehicle.

Cecilia Adabie was in San Diego when she was pulled over and issued a ticket for "driving with a monitor visible to driver." She posted about her experience to Google+ because that's a thing that people do, sometimes, I guess.

A cop just stopped me and gave me a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving!
The exact line says: Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass).
Is #GoogleGlass  ilegal while driving or is this cop wrong???
Any legal advice is appreciated!! This happened in California. Do you know any other #GlassExplorers  that got a similar ticket anywhere in the US?

Consider yourself warned: wearing a computer on your face while you're driving is probably going to be considered unsafe. So, in the unlikely event that you're the kind of person who wears Google Glass, you might want to limit your cyborg impression to times when you're not operating a vehicle. [Valley Wag]