Woman saved from fire, but 93 of her cats were killed

Carole Miller of San Jose, California was rescued from her burning home early Tuesday morning after her dog, Bunny, woke her by barking. The responding firefighters had to cut through a fence to reach Miller after she had escaped to an enclosed patio. But, that turned out to be the least of their problems when they realized that the fence was designed to let Miller's 100-some cats get outside.

Williams said the firefighters also were hindered in battling the fire by more than 100 cats that were in the home.

“There were multiple, multiple animals we had to get over to fight the fire,” he said. “I’ve never witnessed this many animals in a single home…There were more than 100 cats. “

Animal control officers were also on the scene and Williams said only 5-6 cats survived the blaze.

Miller's home was filled with the animals because she worked at the Stanford Cat Network and took the so-called "cat colonies" home when the animals were unadoptable.

Ugh. Just awful. There's nothing quite like a massive cat fire to perk everyone up in the middle of the week. [h/t Fark, KTVU]