Wisconsin's 'Snuggle House' definitely isn't a brothel, you guys

The Snuggle House is a business in Wisconsin that hopes to open to the public on Wednesday, October 23rd to offer its glorious spooning therapy to paying customers. Though many are concerned that a pay-for-snuggle business model would be a slippery slope to prostitution, the folks behind The Snuggle House insist that their services are strictly non-sexual.

"There's this whole part of us that gets neglected some of the time," said The Snuggle House employee, Lonnie Johnson.

In a typical setting above a downtown Madison Bar is The Snuggle House.

Inside are several bedrooms laid out for therapeutic cuddle sessions.

"Stress levels go down, you feel better, anxiety in a lot of people just dissipates," said Johnson.

Clients pay for an hour of service that isn't restricted to hitting the sheets.

"If you want to curl up and lay down for good old fashioned snuggling you can do that, if you want to sit and talk, if you want to cry on my shoulder, I'm totally cool with that," said Johnson.

Just a few days ago, Snuggle House employees descended upon Madison's Capitol Square offering free hugs and trying to plead their case to the public. They've apparently already gotten 100 appointments on the books and plan to have video surveillance in every room. [NBC15]