'West Wing' Video Alert: Allison Janney did 'The Jackal' on 'Arsenio Hall'

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Arsenio Hall has a late night show again because this world is a messed up place. And, while it's probably in your best interest to mostly ignore the fact that The Arsenio Hall Show is a thing that exists, it's also imperative that you drop everything and watch this clip from last night's show.

Allison Janney was on the program on Tuesday to promote her forthcoming CBS sitcom, Mom, that is probably going to be canceled after four episodes because, Anna Faris. While he had her on the show, Arsenio Hall brought up Janney's days portraying C.J. Cregg, the fictional White House Press Secretary on Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing.

Recently, White House Press Secretary in real life, Jay Carney, tweeted to Janney suggesting that he'd like her to teach him how to lip-sync "The Jackal," which Janney's Cregg did in one infamous West Wing scene.

Next thing you know, Arsenio's got mood lighting and the track queued up. Janney jumps at the chance and ends up on Hall's lap giving a wonderful rendition of a timeless classic. [h/t Politico]

"Never talk to me during 'The Jackal.'" - Toby Ziegler