WATCH: Music video for Nordic group's 'The Fox' wins the Internet

The cow goes "moo." The pig goes "oink." The duck goes "quack." Old MacDonald and Gordon Bombay taught us these lessons and we'll surely never forget them. But, what sound does a fox make? Exactly. No one knows.

Well, at least no one knew because a new video from a Nordic sketch group sees fit to learn the rest of us about vulpecular onomatopoeia with their music video, "The Fox".

Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker make up the Nordic comedy duo Ylvis and "The Fox" is their Skrillex-meets-Sam Patterson Trio offering meant to promote the upcoming season of their TVNorge variety program. The video for "The Fox" is going viral because everyone loves it when the bass drops in their nursery rhymes.

Seriously, the song is incredibly catchy and wonderful and frightening and maybe I want it out of my head already. The Internet is a strange, strange place.