VIDEO: Zack Morris explains 'Modern Saved by the Bell'

If you have a Twitter account, then you're probably aware of @SeinfeldToday, more commonly known as "Modern Seinfeld." Basically, the account is managed by two writers who take the situational comedy of the infamous sitcom and apply it to 140-character, present-day scenarios.

Along similar lines, comedian Paul F. Tompkins sat down with Mark-Paul Gosselar, more commonly known as Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. Tompkins rattled off a number of present-day situations and asked the actor to call upon his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Zack Morris and explain how the character would respond.

The results are wonderful. They talk about robots, Crossfit, Slater coming out of the closet, and, obviously, the iconic caffeine pill scene.

As far as '90s nostalgia goes, this video is your essential viewing for the day. [h/t NYMag]