VIDEO: Young Jon Hamm bombs on old dating show

Before Jon Hamm was the beared, stoic megastar of TV's best drama, he was a recent college grad crashing on Paul Rudd's couch and being a general goober out in Los Angeles. Evidence of this supposed phase in Hamm's life is the stuff of lore. He was hanging out at comedy clubs and partying with would-be stars of today while waiting tables and trying to get his acting career off the ground.

Apparently, he was also striking out with The Ladies on lame dating shows, too, because someone has unearthed footage of Hamm offering a stranger a foot massage on The Big Date.

The episode has multiple ladies selecting from bachelors like Marc the stuntman, Marcus the bleach-blonde bungee-jumper with "spontaneous vibes," and the awkward, cheesing, floppy-haired version of whatever the hell Hamm was trying to be way back when. Put your Mad Men jones on hold for a second and shake your head in amazement as Hamm unsuccessfully tries to woo some women on The Big Date.

That haircut, man. It's like was going for the Shawn Hunter or getting ready to audition to play bass in Silverchair. The '90s were weird.