VIDEO: Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock play 'Chopsticks' on giant piano mat from 'Big'

In 1988, audiences watched as a little kid from Cliffside Park, New Jersey made a wish to a Zoltar Speaks machine and turned himself into Tom Hanks. Later, in the iconic scene from Big, Hanks and Robert Loggia were walking through F.A.O. Schwarz when they happened upon a giant piano on the floor. Together they played "Chopsticks" and danced their way into the hearts of moviegoers everywhere.

Over the weekend, Hanks was across the pond to try to talk Brits into paying to see Captain Phillips. During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Hanks was offered an opportunity to reprise his performance with some help from Sandra Bullock, who was also overseas promoting Gravity.

Hanks is concerned that Sandra Bullock won't be able to play "Chopsticks" in her heels. She assures him that there's no cause for concern and she couldn't be any more correct.

Also, for her part, Sandra Bullock rapped some Sugar Hill Gang because she's wonderful. Mayor Nutter, who?