VIDEO: Tina Fey mocks Lena Dunham with 'Girls' sketch on 'SNL'

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Tina Fey helped the new and improved unknown cast of Saturday Night Live kick off their 39th season by assuming the hosting duties this weekend.

In one of the sketches from the season premiere, SNL newcomer Noël Wells plays Lena Dunham playing Hannah from Girls in a faux promo for the Millennial dramedy's upcoming season. Tina Fey plays a new character, Blerta, a woman from Albania who befriends the young women in the show.

The sketch is particularly funny because of the slight tension between Fey and Dunham from last year's Golden Globes, when a well-intentioned speech from the Girls star and creator came out wrong and basically made it sound as though she was calling Fey and Amy Poehler old.

In the SNL sketch, Fey takes a shot at Dunham's age.

It's OK, you are only 15.

No, I'm not. I'm 24.

Twenty-four?! What the f*** is wrong with you?