VIDEO: This is what 'Girls' will be like in 35 years

What will Lena Dunham's character from Girls be doing in 35 years? According to an eight-minute excerpt from Girls, Season 38, Hannah will still be wandering around Brooklyn being selfish and insufferable. She'll still be opining about her life, lamenting that she hasn't gotten cancer, and eating spaghetti with her hands. Oh, and she'll still be sleeping with random hipsters "just for the story."

The hilarious glimpse into the future of Girls comes from Gail Lerner (you might know her as a producer on Will and Grace). It stars Laraine Newman as Dunham's Hannah and features appearances from Martin Starr, Wendie Malick, Sally Kemp and Mindy Sterling.

No, Marnie and Charlie haven't gotten back together, yet. Yes, there's an inspired Maude Apatow reference.

P.S. Some of the language is NSFW.