VIDEO: This guy REALLY wants Philly cops to bust pot smokers on 4/20

Hundreds of pot smokers gathered at Independence Mall outside of the Liberty Bell to celebrate the marijuana holiday, "420". (Colin Kerrigan /

People smoke pot on 4/20. Really, they smoke it every day. It's just especially prevalent on the 20th of April, thanks to an old ritual founded on the concept of stickin' it to The Man.

Stoner Christmas happened to fall on a Saturday this year. In Philly (and a whole slew of other cities around the world), the day was marked by a crowd of people gathering to toke up together at—you guessed it—4:20 p.m. Philly's "celebration" took place on Independence Mall near the Liberty Bell. There was a police presence, but the officers kind of just let the whole thing play out while making sure no one got hurt or participated in serious crime.

Surely, in a city that saw 331 murders last year, most people understand that the bulk of the police force had more important things to do than haul scores of folks down to jail for petty pot crimes. THIS GUY IS NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.

A video of Philly's 4/20 event popped up on Reddit and has started to make the subsequent rounds on the Internet. It shows one incredibly concerned citizen repeatedly yelling to the authorities in the area to make sure that they're aware that people are inhaling marijuana in their immediate vicinity (!!!!).

He questions the officers' dedication to enforcing the law and then asks to speak to a supervisor. Eventually, one officer explains that the decision not to roll in there and throw everyone up in the paddy wagon is due to safety concerns. Whether you agree with local marijuana laws or not, listening to this guy wig out about a well-known and highly publicized event is pretty entertaining.