VIDEO: This 5-year-old drum major is a boss, will warm your heart

Oh my god, I can't even with this kid. His name is Taranza Mckelvin and he's the best 5-year-old drum major you've ever seen in your life. His parents enrolled him in a marching band camp at Glades Central High School in Florida after he saw a few drum line videos on the Internet and became interested.

"I was nervous when I first got out into the field, but then I just performed," said Mckelvin.

Dressed in his white and burgundy uniform, he led the Glades Central High School marching band onto the field for the halftime performance.

"He catches on a lot faster than most of my students, he's a very unique kid," said Charles Moorer.

Charles Moorer is the school's band director.

"He did his performance and the crowd just loved it," said Moorer.

It's a memorable moment for his dad, a South Bay city commissioner who marched in his college band.

Mckelvin will reprise his role as drum major in January when he suits up for the Battle of the Glades.

Seriously, when I was five I was hardly capable of watching Biker Mice From Mars and this kid has a whole marching band routine down. [WPTV, h/t Jezebel]