VIDEO: Things got REALLY racist on 'The Daily Show' last night

Here in Pennsylvania, we're no strangers to controversy surrounding voter ID laws, as a Commonwealth Court judge ruled earlier this year that the state's voter ID law could not be enforced during the upcoming November election.

While folks in the Keystone State may be well-versed in the argument surrounding voter identification laws, much of the country probably isn't aware of the ongoing debate. So, on Wednesday, Jon Stewart and his team at The Daily Show decided to tackle the issue the best way they know how... giving a GOP representative the opportunity to speak freely into a camera and waiting until he said some incredibly racist stuff.

Buncombe County Republican precinct chair Don Yelton sat down with field correspondent Aasif Mandvi to discuss North Carolina's version of the controversial voter identification legislation. And, sure enough, Yelton made sure to emphasize that one of his best friends in the whole world is black, you guys, before questioning why white people aren't allowed to say the N-word.


Yelton also made sure to mention that he'd been accused of being a bigot before and that, when he posted that picture of President Obama as a witch doctor to his Facebook page, he was only making fun of the President's "white half."

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.