VIDEO: The 'Breaking Bad' recap the Internet has been waiting for

If you're not caught up on Breaking Bad, stop what you're doing and go rectify that situation by immersing yourself in the remaining episodes so that you're not the only person on the Internet who isn't ready for the final season when it starts on August 11th.

If you are caught up on Breaking Bad and for some reason aren't able to marathon the entire series as a refresher between now and August 11th, please watch this hilarious, nine-minute recap video until your eyes bleed.


  1. Jesse says "bi***" a lot
  2. Walt Jr. is pissed off
  3. The guy in the wheelchair rings a bell
  4. Gus ASPLODE
  5. Walter White is the one who knocks
  6. Hank's light bulb goes off on the toilet
  7. Fin

Thanks for everything, Betting Bad. [h/t Uproxx]