VIDEO: That time Stephen Colbert and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar almost played 2-on-2 vs. Dr. J and Barack Obama in Philly

Sixers great Dr. J was Stephen Colbert's guest on Tuesday's episode of The Report, plugging his new autobiography creatively titled, Dr. J: The Autobiography.

An excerpt of the book Irving wrote with Karl Taro Greenfield, published over at Grantland on Tuesday, details the emotional moment that Dr. J found out that he had fathered a daughter with former sportswriter Samantha Stevenson.

On The Colbert Report, though, Irving's conversation was a little lighter than the excerpt may have foreshadowed. Mainly, he and Colbert discussed the time that COLBERT AND KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR WERE SUPPOSED TO PLAY 2-ON-2 VS. DR. J AND BARACK OBAMA IN PHILADELPHIA. Seriously. And Terry Bradshaw was supposed to referee because of course Terry Bradshaw was supposed to referee.

Good luck trying to go about the rest of your existence knowing that that was a thing that almost happened. I think I speak for all of us when I say that the reality in which Colbert and Kareem actually played Dr. J and Barack Obama would be the best reality. If only...