VIDEO: Russell Brand takes over 'Morning Joe' on MSNBC

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This March 14, 2013 photo released by FX shows Russell Brand, host of the FX series "Brand X with Russell Brand." The British comedian announced Thursday, June 6, that he's launching a world comedy tour focusing on Che Guevara, Gandhi, Malcolm X and Jesus Christ. Brand says the show examines �the importance of heroes in this age of atheistic disposability.� The �Messiah Complex� tour is set to begin August 15 in Abu Dhabi and wrap up Dec. 9 in Iceland. (AP Photo/FX, Ellis O'Brien)

Hoo, boy, the polished folks of MSNBC's Morning Joe weren't exactly adequately prepared to handle an appearance from British comedian Russell Brand. Brand is making the rounds promoting his new standup tour, The Messiah Complex, and—as per usual—isn't holding much back.

Host Joe Scarborough wasn't in the studio, but Mika Brzezinsk and company were there to interview Brand about his tour and his message, though the wheels started to come off pretty early on in the segment.

Within minutes, Brand is yelling off camera to NBC's social media employees and hypothesizing about their corporate Internet restrictions.

"I bet they can't look at pornography. I bet it's blocked"

Brand seems ready to discuss the content of his tour appears eager to debate or banter with the hosts about religious figures and political icons, but Brian Shactman is too busy focusing on Brand's British accent.

Just a short while later, he's got Brzezinski all rattled as he frustratedly just takes over the show, briefly promoting his tour before reading the news to the American public and asking Shactman about his feelings on the NSA scandal and Edward Snowden.

He also includes a lesson on proper communication tactics, explaining that, when he's in the room, they should use his name instead of talking about him like he's not there.