VIDEO: Ricin letter suspect is an Elvis impersonator

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Paul Kevin Curtis is the 45-year-old Mississippi man that the FBI has apprehended in connection with the ricin-positive letters sent to President Obama and Sen. Roger Wicker.

Both letters said: "To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance." Both were signed, "I am KC and I approve this message."

In Corinth, a city of about 14,000, police cordoned off part of a subdivision where Curtis lived. At least five police cars were on the scene, but there didn't appear to be any hazardous-material crews and no neighbors were evacuated. The one-story, single-family home is similar to the others in the neighborhood, with red brick with white trim. [Associated Press]

According to his Facebook page, Kevin Curtis Live, Paul Kevin Curtis is a conspiracy theorist.

Online posts refer to a conspiracy Curtis alleges he uncovered when working at a local hospital between 1998-2000, when he says he stumbled upon: 'a refrigerator full of dismembered body parts & organs wrapped in plastic in the morgue of the largest non-metropolitan healthcare organization in the United States of America.' [Daily Mail]

Oh, and an Elvis impersonator. Paul Kevin Curtis has performed as Prince, Kid Rock, and a slew of other popular musicians. Per his page on, a website designed to help people book live entertainment, Curtis is a seven-time finalist in the "Images of the King" contest in Memphis. He also boasts of a three-octave range.

Master of Impressions, KC pays tribute to 70 of the biggest names in music history!
Performing a musical Extravaganza, KC walks his audience through 5 decades of hits from legends like:
Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Marty Robbins, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kenny Chesney, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Prince, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol & Many More!

Here's Curtis playing the Kid Rock song to end all Kid Rock songs, "Only God Knows Why."

Here's Curtis paying tribute to Prince with a "Little Red Corvette" performance.

Here's Curtis playing Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive."

Here, he covers "Don't Be Cruel."

You can check out all of his performances over at his YouTube page.