VIDEO: New Zealand bros prank friend by plumbing entire house with beer

Fosters is Australian for beer, but there are a whole slew of other companies from down under that offer their own brews.

One such company is Tui, which brags of "distracting boys from the task at hand since 1889." The New Zealand-based brewery recently sponsored a practical joke pulled off by a group of Kiwi buddies that had them crawling underneath their friend's house to hook up all of his plumbing to Tui kegs.

When their mark returned to his home, the guys were huddled around a screen hooked up to hidden cameras to capture his reaction as he realized that his kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, and the like were all dispensing delicious, cold beer instead of the usual tap water.

While Tui did sponsor the prank, the company insists that the guys in the video are all legitimate friends and no one was paid for their participation.[h/t Reddit]