VIDEO: Nathan Fielder explains Dumb Starbucks prank on 'Kimmel'

Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder of the Comedy Central show "Nathan For You" comes forward as the brainchild of "Dumb Starbucks," a parody store that resembles a Starbucks with a green awning and mermaid logo, but with the word "Dumb" attached above the Starbucks sign. Starbucks Coffee spokeswoman, Laurel Harper says the store is not affiliated with Starbucks and, despite the humor, the store cannot use the Starbucks name. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Late last week, people in Los Angeles were waiting hours in line to get knockoff Starbucks coffee and pastries that turned out to be part of a bit orchestrated by evil genius prankster, Nathan Fielder. After having his Dumb Starbucks in L.A. shut down due to lack of proper health permits, Fielder went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to explain his motivation for creating a knockoff Starbucks and the man Andy Kaufman-ed the hell out of it.

Fielder is completely dead pan while explaining that he was seeking to profit from his Dumb Starbucks. He offers Kimmel some pastries he bought from a bakery to stock the shelves and explains that the coffee he sold at Dumb Starbucks was, basically, "whatever was on sale at Ralph's."

Kimmel and Fielder are two of the most relevant pranksters of the moment, so much so that many folks suspected that Kimmel was behind the Dumb Starbucks prank, to begin with. You're going to want to see Fielder offer Kimmel some official Dumb Starbucks merch and, if you happen to be headed to New York anytime soon, you'll probably want to be on the lookout for a Dumb Starbucks popping up in Brooklyn.

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