VIDEO: Motorcyclists pull man from SUV, beat him in front of family

A 33-year-old banker was driving his Range Rover, his wife and young child in the SUV with him, when he became involved in a road rage incident involving a massive group of motorcyclists. One of the bikers recorded at least a part of the incident with a helmet cam. There was a high-speed chase and a tire slashing before the bikers pulled the man from his car and beat him on a Manhattan street.

At the beginning of the video, you can see the man rear-end one of the bikers, breaking his leg. That's when another biker slashed one of the SUV's tires and the bikers began pursuit. You can see the driver of the SUV take out multiple bikers with his vehicle in an attempt to get away.

Eventually, he gets stopped by traffic and some of the bikers use their helmets to smash the windows of the Range Rover. That's when the video cuts out.

According to The New York Times, no arrests have been made, yet. The driver was treated for lacerations and bruising, but was released from the hospital.

The pursuers finally catch the vehicle in stopped traffic on 178th Street in Washington Heights, where, the police said, the man is pulled out of his car and punched by several assailants. The man, identified as Alexian Lien of Lower Manhattan, was treated for facial lacerations and bruising at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and released, the police said; he was not charged. Mr. Lien and his wife did not respond to messages seeking comment.

The video stops just as the assault begins, with a motorcyclist smashing his helmet into the driver’s side window. [The New York Times]