VIDEO: Louis C.K. says Beijing is like a giant Dayton, OH

LOUIS C.K.: OH MY GOD. photo: Kevin Mazur

Louis C.K. was on Letterman on Monday because, apparently, that's something celebrities still do, sometimes. Who knew? Anyway, Letterman was asking the comedian about his recent trip to China for Louie on FX and Louis C.K had some entertaining if not terrifying things to say about Beijing.

First of all, he says you cannot breathe. The pollution is such that you just shouldn't even consider breathing a possibility. When Letterman asks about what China's capital is like, Louis C.K. describes it as, "kind of a giant Dayton, Ohio." He also explains that someone would have had to "disappear" if he had used certain jokes during his stand-up show, over there.

Louis C.K. was kind of plugging two big-time films in which he has minor roles: David O. Russell's American Hustle and Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine. They're both nominated for a bunch of Oscars.

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