VIDEO: Louis C.K. doesn't understand the Royal Baby hype

LOUIS C.K.: OH MY GOD. photo: Kevin Mazur

Comedian Louis C.K. was on the Monday episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (except Jon Stewart still isn't there) to plug his forthcoming movie Blue Jasmine. Interim host John Oliver talks to Louis C.K. about the film, what it was like to meet Woody Allen, and what it's like to know that there are women walking around with awful stories about them. They also discussed the arrival of the Royal Baby.

"I don't understand why it's a big deal. There were 50 babies born in Brooklyn today, probably," said Louis C.K. "This baby was born with a castle, already. With a couple of castles."

"People born in Brooklyn just have a few White Castles that they could go and eat at. That's subjectively less good," replied Oliver.

Much like every Louis C.K. appearance, the segment is worth a watch. [The Daily Show]