VIDEO: Kevin Bacon talks about dyeing his pubic hair, bribing wedding DJs

Listen up, The Ladies, because, if you turned in early last night, then you missed one hell of a swoonfest on Conan's late night show on TBS.

First, Conan sat down with Kevin Bacon (what up, Philly?) who talked about having to temporarily dye his down-there hair white (sexy, kind of) and how he almost didn't get the Footloose role way back when because the studio exec didn't find him "f***able."Also, he bribes wedding DJs not to play "Footloose."

Then, Conan spoke with Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, who's making the rounds to promote the latest summer robot movie, Pacific Rim. Hunnam regaled Conan and company with tales of all the times he's chased burglars from his home (in real life) with a machete. Like, for real.

Norwegian singer Bernhoft rounded out the show by performing his single, "So Many Faces," if that's your kind of thing.

Try to contain yourselves, The Ladies.