VIDEO: Kevin Bacon is mad at Millennials for not knowing about the '80s

Older folks might remember Kevin Bacon as the guy who brought to life iconic roles in cinematic classics like Footloose and The Air Up There. To Millennials, though, he's pretty much just that guy that got punched in the face by Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love. Well, Kevin Bacon is sick of his fame being relegated by short attention spans and don't-give-a-sh** attitudes from everyone on Twitter, so he teamed up with the folks at Mashable to deliver Millennials a heated reminder of what the '80s were all about.

I saw you tweeted an article about Russia. You think Russia's a threat, now? Let me tell you about a little thing called the Cold War. They had nukes pointed at us for 20 years. You couldn't even skateboard to a Blockbuster without gettin' nuked.

Well, played David Lindhagen. Well, played. [Mashable]