VIDEO: Kanye West and The Roots perform with children's choir on 'Fallon'

West was greeted with loud boos from spectators in Dodgers Stadium on Wednesday evening.

Hoo boy, last night was a wonderful example of how to do late night television. While Jimmy Kimmel was making everyone drop their Kobayashi mugs by revealing that he is Keyser Soze and did stage that whole "Twerk Fail" video that broke the Internet last week, his constituent Jimmy Fallon trotted out a one Mr. Kanye West for a polished performance of "Bound 2", which is the closing track from Kanye's latest offering, Yeezus.

But, rather than use the usual sample song, the performance included some killer vocals from Charlie Wilson and a children's choir backing the track because it's Kanye West and of course he's got a children's choir backing him.

The show marked the first television performance of "Bound 2" and featured a whole bunch of censored lines because the lyrics are hella dirty and you can't say that stuff on TV unless you want to scare the hell out of Middle America.

And, the resulting performance is wonderful, actually, because it gave us lines like, "One good girl is worth a thousand chickens."

That math seems a little off, to me. Check out the entire performance below. Kanye brings the Yeezus tour to Philly in November. Plan accordingly.