VIDEO: Jon Stewart skewers GOP governors over Medicaid expansion

While you're busy drunk dialing Congress and not visiting national monuments—and while political pundits tackle the issues of Obamacare and the government shutdown—26 states with Republican governors or legislatures declined to expand Medicaid coverage.

On Thursday night's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart breaks the issue down, calling out the GOP politicians for declining the offer out of spite for President Obama and at the expense of the very citizens they've been elected to represent.

Stewart and company particularly focus on Texas, Mississippi and Missouri, pulling footage from interviews featuring their governors and state Senators. They also include a portion of an interview with a woman in Missouri who falls through the cracks of the system and is considered to make too much money to qualify for additional help.

He tosses in a wonderfully simple Mitt Romney joke, just for good measure, and closes by mocking the Republicans for being so consumed by spite that they're unable to properly rationalize the decision to decline the expansion.

Medical care for the uninsured has already ballooned the cost of the system. This is an attempt to gain control of those costs. If you have a better answer, Republicans, then let's f***ing hear it. But, don't make your plan, "What do we need food stamps for when we already have dine and dash?"