VIDEO: Jon Stewart returns to 'The Daily Show' and tackles Syria

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On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Hitler(?) made appearances on a new episode of The Daily Show to welcome Jon Stewart back from his summer hiatus.

Stewart took the summer off to direct his first full-length feature film, Rosewater, about Canadian-Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, who was jailed for 118 days for "being a spy."

In Stewart's return to the program, he shaves his beard and makes a bunch of funnies before addressing the fact that the U.S. is mulling action in response to the Syrian chemical weapons attack. Then things got real.

Oh, right, we have to bomb Syria becuase we're in seventh grade. And that red line they crossed is actually a d***-measuring ribbon. Why does holding back look like weakness? Isn't it maturity? Like, when a guy's picking on Clark Kent and he doesn't do anything because he knows he could throw that guy into the sun. I'll tell you what would be real weakness: Clark Kent laying waste to a town because someone called him a p****.

Though Oliver filled in admirably in Stewart's absence, it's good to have Jon back behind The Daily Show desk. It just felt... strange without him.