VIDEO: Jon Stewart goes full Jersey, tackles Chris Christie and 'Bridgegate'

New Jersey native Jon Stewart took aim at Chris Christie and the political scandal brewing over the September traffic jam in Fort Lee orchestrated by the Governor's staff to retaliate against a mayor who didn't back Christie in last year's election.

Stewart starts off by poking fun at Christie's non-apology, and then goes full Jersey, mocking the plebeian demonstration of corruption enacted by Christie's staff. He references major political scandals in the Garden State's history, shows clips from The Soprano's and Boardwalk Empire, and posits that, really, the shoddy attempt at political retribution is the most embarrassing part of the entire fiasco.

And planning this over email with non-coded lingo? You oughta be ashamed a'yaselves. "Hey, why don't we create a traffic jam in Fort Lee as retribution?" You're an embarrassment to dialogue. Here's how it shoulda gone:

Hey, j'you take care-a that thing?

Yeah. That thing? I took care-a that thing. Yeah, our good friend Lee... yeah, he's constipated, all right. No, no, no, no, no, no. Our good friend Lee? He's gonna be backed up ALL week.

Obviously, Stewart closes the segment by throwing a lyric from The Boss back in Christie's face.

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