VIDEO: Jon Stewart can't stop imagining Chris Christie in the shower

On last night's episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart began his program with continued coverage of the Chris Christie/Bridgegate fiasco.

Stewart used clips from Thursday's marathon press conference to poke fun at New Jersey's governor for name-dropping his workout when responding to the press corps.

As Stewart struggles to stay focused while imagining Chris Christie in the shower, the host also mocked Christie for asserting that an environment of vitriol and vengeance was not, in fact, ushered in by the Christie administration.

The host turns Christie's Thursday trip to Fort Lee into a joke before closing out the segment with clips of the governor yelling at people during public appearances.

That's excellent. That's great. Good. So, when are you gonna... Oh, rush hour? You're gonna be going up there at rush hour? Maybe a police escort? A motorcade? I'm just sayin', maybe you should Skype this one.

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