VIDEO: Jon Hamm and Jon Stewart rip the Mets

This past weekend, the mighty Phillies of Philadelphia broke out the brooms to sweep the lowly Mets of New York. Jon Hamm was the guest of honor on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show on Monday, where the two discussed Mad Men, how weird it is that Linda Cardellini all growed up (no, we have not yet forgiven her for coming between Cory and Topanga), and Hamm's upcoming film about the Indian pitchers that the Pirates signed a few years ago.

Oh, and then they spent the rest of the interview trashing the Mets because, 2007-right now. Stewart makes fun of Citi Field while Hamm wonders why the stadium doesn't have a "Lenny Dykstra tobacco fountain" attraction. Watching celebrities nerd out about baseball is incredibly appealing. Doubly so when it's at the expense of the Mets.