VIDEO: Hysterical Redskins fan loses her mind after not getting autographs at training camp

This video is a lesson for exactly how not to act as an adult. It stars a woman who is clearly less than thrilled that she went to Redskins training camp and couldn't manage to get any of the players to autograph something for her. So, she bawls into the camera about it and now the video is going viral.

A few things to note, here:

1. A hat autographed by a member of the 2013 Redskins is not the same as finding a Honus Wagner card when cleaning out your great uncle's attic. You can't ditch your 401k just because you got Kirk Cousin's John Hancock on a mini helmet. Chill out.

2. It's the Redskins, man. Dan Snyder owns the team and she's surprised that the franchise let her down? Fool her once, shame on Dan Snyder. Fool her every year since 1999? Shame on her.

3. Oh, look! It's a Logan Paulsen autographed 8x10 available on eBay. All this can be yours for just $11.99 plus shipping and handling.

4. Even your own players think your team name is racist. Maybe get your priorities straight.

Click the video below if you have the patience to watch a grown woman bawl her eyes out like a child in Toys 'R' Us.