VIDEO: Hanson stops mid-song to swear at a fan

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 8.36.25 AM

Zac Hanson (he's the littlest one, in case you'd forgotten) was in the middle of a song during a Thursday night performance in Richmond, Virginia when he felt compelled to stop singing and do his best Dave Chappelle impression.

Seriously, though, a woman was yelling out something obscene (peep the comments section on the YouTube video to watch the hilarious debate about her exact words unfold) and Zac stopped singing to tell her to leave.

“Seriously? I’m singing this beautiful song about a little girl and this drunk b**** is screaming… You can go home! I’m going to start that verse over so the rest of us can enjoy it.”

Ah, how quickly they grow up. For those of you who want to skip right to the good stuff, you'll want to start around the 1:36 mark. [h/t Uproxx]