VIDEO: Guy makes YouTube confession after driving drunk, killing man

Matthew Cordle is a 22-year-old man from Ohio. Cordle recently posted a video to YouTube in which he confesses to driving drunk, going the wrong way down a highway into oncoming traffic, and striking another car and killing a 61-year-old man.

The video starts out with a pixelated man's face and a distorted voiceover. By the end, though, the picture clears and we're able to hear Cordle's actual voice. He proceeds to admit getting "blackout drunk" and driving the wrong way down I-670.

He says that lawyers told him that, if he lied, they'd be able to get his blood test thrown out and he might be able to get off. Instead, Cordle posted his YouTube confession, promising to plead guilty when he's charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and faces two to eight years in prison.

George Breitmayer III, a Columbus lawyer representing Cordle, said yesterday that he was unaware that his client was posting an online confession.

“This video he released demonstrates his character, bravery and integrity, and I know he fully intends to cooperate with law enforcement and Franklin County prosecutors throughout the course of any future criminal proceedings,” Breitmayer said. He declined to comment further.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien watched Cordle’s video three times. “It’s the most compelling video I think I have seen. He strikes me as remorseful and sincere,” O’Brien said.

Cordle ends his confessing by looking into the camera and begging people not to drink and drive. [h/t Columbus Dispatch]