VIDEO: Fox News anchor makes famous toddler cry on TV

You might remember Titus as the 2-year-old baller with the hella great basketball shot who had a video go viral earlier this year. Until now, you might have known Brian Kilmeade as one of the co-hosts of the morning show Fox & Friends. From here on out, however, you'll remember Kilmeade as the guy who made that awesome baby cry on national television.

Titus was doin' his thang, knockin' down J after J as fans cheered him on. (Please note that this baby has skills like Ray Allen and threads like he's read for an Esquire cover.) Kilmeade breaks up Titus' streak by retrieving the ball and tossing it toward the little guy and OH MY GOD IT HIT HIM IN THE FACE!

Then, Kilmeade is sends it commercial as Titus bawls his little eyes out after being smacked in the face with the ball.

“We’ll check in with Titus again,” the Fox host said, nervously bouncing the ball on his own. “I still think we’re friends.”

After returning from commercial break, Kilmeade asked: “Do you really feel that I was at fault there or should have Titus had his hands up?”

Brian Kilmeade is a monster. [h/t Mediaite]