VIDEO: Fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence all over again thanks to this 'Daily Show' interview

We're all in love with Jennifer Lawrence. Whether it was her crass language or the way she spouted off Philadelphia sports facts in The Silver Linings Playbook or that time she gave everyone the finger backstage at the Oscars or that time she fell at the Oscars or that time that Jack Nicholson was creepy and hit on her and she kind of hilariously reciprocated, it's safe to say that the young actress has done something to win us all over.

Today, you have the opportunity to let Lawrence's charm envelop you because she was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday and was endearing as all hell. She and the show's host kind of talk about the movie and her schedule before discussing her resemblance to a young Helen Mirren. Plus, throughout the entire segment, Lawrence is mocking Jon Stewart's ability to do his job.


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