VIDEO: Eagles fan says he's going to spit on Saints fan, spits on Saints fan

Welp, the Eagles lost a home playoff game on Saturday night, which means it's that time of year when we all get to gawk at the few Birds fans at the Linc for the game who weren't able to control themselves/act like reasonable human beings in wake of the team's loss.

Immediately following the game-winning kick, one Saints fan at the Linc, Nicholls State University tight end, Nicholas Scelfo, decided to taunt the Eagles fans shuffling out of the stadium. He was using his phone to film the fans leaving while yelling about playing Seattle next week when one disappointed Eagles fan vocalizes his intent to spit in Scelfo's face. Then, he spits in Scelfo's face.

While, clearly, the Eagles fan who spits in Scelfo's face is the type of vile and flagrant fan that can't handle a loss responsibly, violating a visiting fan and perpetuating the negative stereotypes that saddle Philadelphia and its citizens in the process, it's difficult to find a good guy in this scenario because Scelfo fan was being an a** and did brag about getting "3 or 4 good shots in" on the spitter. And he wasn't capable of turning his phone 90 degrees to capture a reasonable video. So, there's that. [h/t Deadspin]



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