VIDEO: Drop everything and watch Jimmy Fallon's 'Breaking Bad' parody

If you haven't caught the Breaking Bad fever yet, then there's no helping you, really. Especially now that Saul Goodman is officially getting his own series. But, if you're, you know, a fully functioning member of society who is just as addicted to Vince Gilligan's sweet, sweet, blue rock candy like the rest of us, then you're going to want to "Joking Bad" immediately.

The 12-minute parody stars Jimmy Fallon as the Late Night host who has just six months left in that gig. So, he begins to sell jokes to set his family up for after he's gon, or something. Aaron Paul yells "bi***" and Bryan Cranston (the REAL Bryan Cranston) throws a pizza. Jay Leno even makes a wonderful, wonderful cameo.

"Joking Bad" is another example of how the late night television guys are killing it, right now. It was a "Walt Jr. loves breakfast" joke away from perfection.

Don't change, Jimmy Fallon. Don't ever change.