VIDEO: Conan hilariously trolls his interns

Unpaid internships are the worst. When you're not fetching coffee or organizing sugar packets, you're typically transcribing somebody's interviews or cold-calling or completing all of the charliework for the company that has trapped you in indentured servitude. More than that, though, a lot of times unpaid interns have to do the internship for credit, which means they're actually paying to be someone's errand boys.

Well, such is not the case in Conan O'Brien's studio because interns there live a life of luxury as they're interrogated by the show's host, forced to touch his hair, and tricked by less important employees into carrying out mundane tasks under the guise that they're actually helping Conan.

Once again, Conan slays as he takes the camera's into the laugh factory behind his show, this time trolling his gaggle of interns for our enjoyment.

Click here to watch the video.