VIDEO: Chatroulette Miley Cyrus cover is the scariest Miley Cyrus cover

If you were terrified by Miley Cyrus' risqué music video for her single "Wrecking Ball," then you'll probably want to avoid watching the video below, in which a bearded guy recreates the video to troll people on Chatroulette, which is apparently still a thing in some corners of the world.

Steve Kardynal is one of the Internet's more prominent troll and previously gained notoriety online as "Bikini Man" and "That Guy Who Sang 'Call Me Maybe' on Chatroulette."

The only thing more alarming than the imagery on the right side of the split screen is the percentage of people on the left side of the screen who immediately—nay, instinctively—begin belting out the words along with our protagonist.

Watch at your own risk.