VIDEO: 'Camp Gyno' is the Internet's funniest (and most controversial) tampon commercial

If you've seen the Dollar Shave Club video—or the less popular One Wipe Charlie commercial—then you'll immediately recognize the business model that acts as a foundation for HelloFlo. The company promises to deliver a care package filled with tampons and other items that will help women during that time of the month.

To get the word out about their service, Hello Flo went ahead and created a video that they hoped would go viral. It's a commercial featuring a young girl at camp who experiences a sudden surge of popularity when she's the first girl there to get her period. Suddenly she's hella important and helping all of the other girls by barking at them like a drill instructor and arming them with the materials necessary help them through such trying times.

Over at The Atlantic, two editors broke down the commercial and discussed its effectiveness, but also chided HelloFlo for using infantilizing language and not building a campaign based on the packages' utility. Also, they're not fans of the whole candy thing.

Eleanor: Also, the tampon shipment comes with candy. Why does candy have to be involved?

Ashley: Yes, exactly. It almost feels like it sells getting your period as way more insufferable than it actually is.

Eleanor: YES

Ashley: As though women somehow just can't handle getting their period without a side of chocolate, when in reality this happens every month. Women generally learn how to deal.

Peep the video below and check out the full debate over at The Atlantic.