VIDEO: Bill Nye's DWTS debut is as wonderful as you imagined

When the world found out that Bill Nye the Science Guy was going to be a contestant on the 73rd season of ABC's Dancing With the Stars, everyone born between 1980 and 1995 instantly daydreamed a scene in which Nye Cha Chas around his lab to "Weird Science".

Monday night marked the premiere of Dancing With the Stars and Bill Nye didn't disappoint. He quizzed his partner, Tyne, on the difference between a beaker and a flask and then reminded her that the couples that win this thing always have a great deal of sexual tension. Then, they did a mad scientist-themed Cha Cha routine to "Weird Science" through a neon laboratory. Bill Nye rocked lab coat and a bow tie.

The judges didn't love it, but it was better than Nye warned when he said that it might be, "an unwatchable minute and eight seconds."