VIDEO: Bill Murray makes Liberace-themed late night appearance

I know we probably had you at "Bill Murray" because the guy is a comedy legend and, when a comedy legend makes an appearance on Letterman, you stop what you're doing and watch the video. On Thursday, Murray took a break from his busy schedule of crashing kickball games in Brooklyn and channeled his inner Liberace for his appearance on Letterman and the result is just as entertaining as you'd imagine.

He brought a little dog with him and a cast of young men to help him out of his car. He hardly even sits down before warning, "You know, I love you, audience, but I don't have the time, tonight."

The man always seems to live up to the hype.

After his dramatic entrance, Murray used a pickaxe to dig up a time capsule from his first Letterman appearance in 1993 and then covered "I Will Always Love You". God, he's wonderful.